Sur fond rose pâle, on voit quatre ensembles de trois bonbons de chocolat haut de gamme, superposées verticalement, de façon fantaisiste. On trouve des chocolats noirs et au lait, des formes cubiques ou rondes, des bonbons aux décorations à l’or ou emballés.
"There's no doubt that I've always had a natural talent for recognising flavours and the subtle differences between them, but I've also taken care of my palate: I don't eat dishes that are too heavily spiced and I never eat very hot or very cold food...Chocolate should never taste too strong, so I treat my palate gently."

An encounter worthy of praise

When you taste the Grands Crus Historiques and the Crus d’Exception, you can actually taste the direct connection between the bar and its land of origin. Each origin has its own personality, language, and bouquet. The range of Bonnat crus present us with landscapes, colours and aromas that spread through the mouth like a symphony. The sweets are no exception and also add an extra dimension of sharing and gifts. Fruit, honey, ganache, and praline create a joyful and contagious pleasure, through their fine quality and balanced composition. It all comes down to the 'business of taste', as indeed it should, with each of us receiving our own message from magical lands of the planet, a privileged and personal moment of discovery with Great Masterpieces of chocolate.

De forme conique, la petite version du gâteau Sphinx présente à sa base circulaire un peu de biscuit brun clair et le reste du gâteau est recouvert d’une ganache au chocolat fondant brun très foncé épaisse et luisante.

Full-bodied, woody, and fruity aromas...

His father Raymond was a fine teacher who always let his son live his own experiences. With his help, Stéphane was able to train his palate to perceive even the slightest differences between the cocoas of the grand crus. Stéphane is therefore able to perfect the cocoa used in his chocolate bars with great subtlety so that his clients can appreciate each square of chocolate at any moment of the day.

“Just as wines have their lands and their types of vine which give them their unique flavours, cocoa beans develop their own full-bodied, woody, and fruity aromas, which we carefully draw out from the cocoa beans during fermentation and roasting. Depending on which crus I'm using, and the percentage of each in the composition of my recipes, the smooth and velvety paste I obtain takes on such a delicious flavour that any lover of good chocolate can appreciate it, just like a fine connoisseur with experience of the flavours of exceptional cocoa. “

S. Bonnat in N. Cartier Chocolat & Confiserie magazine mai-juin 2013